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The Degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering and

(LEEIC) forms prestigious professionals, orientated for the conception, application, installation, exploration and maintenance of systems based on electronic use, in areas such as: Electronics and Microelectronics, Computers, Computer Science and Communications, Control and Robotics, Automation and also Energy Systems.

The Department also teaches subjects like electronics, electrotechnics, control and industrial computer science to several of the Engineering courses.

The projects of investigation undertaken by the teachers and investigators docentes e investigadores of the Department are mainly connected to supervision, control and management of activities in the industrial sector. In common, they present a perspective of integration between scientific university investigation and the practical application, which frequently ends up in the celebration of protocols of collaboration between the university and the company.

During the course, the development of the student?s capacity in analysis and the resolution of problems related to Engineering, along with the development of a critical spirit and capacity of innovation are constantly stimulated.

The constant necessity of more development and modernization of companies is a continuous source of guaranteed working positions for the students with degrees in Industrial Electronic Engineering and Computers.

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